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Larry Jackson- family & friends

THE CHRYSLERS: Veterans of Radio, Stage & TV  ... We grew fast! It's the 1960's.  13 TV appearances, 1 single record released...

Web-ChryslersShowBreak4PixCirca1969.gif (250630 bytes)4 Guys singing on a corner with a dream to live!

THE CHRYSLERS, like many Do Wops of the 50's & 60's was born from 'street corner' singing and incidental meeting of friends.  We are hot, tired & perspiring after a grueling 4 hour performance and our managers asked us to pose prior to getting out... 

LARRY JACKSON: The mid-life years ...

MoPSC1BOfcGrnShrt1997.jpg (53201 bytes)Yes, there is a method to this madness!

A wall covered with degrees, certificates and honors; a gorgeous 18th floor office overlooking both the North Baltimore hillsides and the Chesapeake Bay Inner Harbor along with the downtown skyline; This guy must really be a mental giant in the business world right?  

Naah- it's Ma Jackson's brown-eyed baby boy- Larry!  Hey!  How serious is a guy who drinks "imported beer" from a 3 Stooges Mug?  What about a guy, who owns a collection  of Chopin and listens tirelessly to R&B or Jazz, how stuffy is he?  You just gotta like a man who wears a tie with "Dogs playing poker" on it!   

Of course, they didn't like his tie at office meetings but- hey- this is a man of the world!  A former Chrysler.  This guy has talent.  Who dares ridicule his novelty ties, or his collection of 3 Stooges memorabilia, or his refusals to wear white dress shirts,  just because he's nearing 50 years of age?  Hey!  Who wants to grow up anyway?  Peter Pan has a great outlook on life!