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The Musical Voyage of Larry 'Moe' Jackson- and friends

THE CHRYSLERS MOVEMENT More of the Beginning: Memories from the 'Wolf' ...
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ChryslersInBrnShirts.jpg (36361 bytes) Recently, (July of 2004) I had the pleasure of spending an evening with Wendell (AKA The Wolf or AMP).  Wendell, who was in Baltimore for 2 weeks,  resides in Oklahoma.  

The very popular Wendell, got away from his busy schedule to help arrange a gathering of some of us including Andre, myself  (Moe) and some others from the 1960's.   He  provided the photo to the left.  It was the only picture that he could locate of our musical experiences from 1964 through early 1970's.  Left Rear- Amp/Wolf/Wendell, Center Rear- Randy/Hippie, Right Front Standing- Larry/Moe, Center-Front-Seated, "cool as a Popsicle", Bert/Rabbit.

I am uncertain as to what events perpetuated the picture or where it was taken.  It may be the historically famous Ambassador Theater in Gwynn Oaks, of Baltimore.   Amp did not elaborate either.  Embarrassing to me, that neither of us knew what for or why the photo but- we both remember the posing!  They say, "Your mind is the 1st thing to go..."!  Maybe they are right!

My 'guess-timate' is because there are only 4 of us and of this particular clothing.  It is between 1965-1968.  It is either before we added the incomparable Andre Towles to the Chryslers or it was soon after Andre left entertainment for his Vietnam War Time  military duty.  (Presently, I'm searching hard for a picture with Andre in it!)  If the latter is true then, we were awaiting the arrival of Lamont Davis.  

Lamont would be the 1st of many 'new generation' Chryslers.  Lamont is the lead vocalist on BECAUSE I LOVE YOU by The Chryslers and Monarchs Band (Jody Enterprises [JE}) released circa 1968.  The fllip side of that is, "I'm not gonna loose you".  (Click here for more info.)

I promised Amp, that  I would get this picture up onto my site.  I reiterate my request from other pages on this site,  if anyone may provide additional photos, biographic information or contact information about The Chryslers, the Monarchs, The Mascalaros or any of the photos contained on this site, please contact me by any of the means listed in the page footer.