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Welcome to the web site  of Larry Jackson!

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PSC-Mo-DogsTie.JPG (35874 bytes) Yes!  this site is still under construction so don't laugh... Procrastination is HARD WORK!

For now, it's simplistic. A reflection of my mental degradation- I suppose.  In the future, I promise to devote more time to those really important things in a site like ... AESTHETICS

Right now, I'm actually preoccupied with my commercial interest like J&J EnterPrizes, JJplace, and ANMOCORP web site systems. 

THE PHOTO ALBUM has some content of interest to anyone who knows me personally. Since this is my personal website and not an eBusiness site,  I am beginning the album with a photo collection of my years as an entertainer and musician.  It is- a work in progress!

Check out my "Favorites", some of my business links and sponsors too!  They can be found in the links to the left and below this paragraph.   But since this is a personal site, do check out the Photo Album and/or my links about THE CHRYSLERS! 

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