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Chrysler Fan Comments Outside The U.S.

... your music is appreciated over here in the uk, too. 

Your record 'I'm Not Gonna Lose You' (with the Mornarchs on the JeJody label) is a massive favourite with soul fans over here, and has been since the mid-1980s when it was first discovered.

Glad to read that you're still with us and doing well.
kind regards
Dan Collins
UK soul fan

...i've danced to and loved your single "i'm not gonna lose you"/"because i love you" since first encounting it circa 1984....

i dj at some northern soul clubs in belfast and dublin and can tell you when i play this 45 either side the floor is packed with dancers...

a big fan

...i run the Belfast Soul Club... thanks to you and the other band members of the Chryslers and the Monarchs band...i aint gonna lose you' is an absolute dancer of a track I remember when i first heard it i nearly hit the roof! the flip side is rocking Belfast soul club at the minute and is a big favourite!...

Yours in soul
Liam Quinn
" its whats in the groove that counts "

...amazing soul weekend in Sweden with Phil,  ...

your track went down a storm as usual! with the Swede's...

keep on!

Chrysler Note: Liam & Phil are DJs of Soul Music (including 50's, 60's, 70' R&b, Funk, etc.).  Their home Soul Club is in Belfast, Ireland.  They sometimes travel outside Belfast to DJ Soul Music in other cities & countries- most recent was Sweden.  Clcik Here to visit their website at